Randall Simmonds LLP has worked with Kingston Hospital has transformed one of its elderly care wards – Derwent – into a completely dementia friendly environment.  The ward was re-opened in early 2017.

Dementia is a condition that affects Kingston Hospital more than most and nearly half of our inpatients over 75 have dementia, which is double the national average.  With an increasingly ageing population this figure is only set to grow.

The aim of the design of the ward is reduce disorientation, by making the environment feel more homely and friendly and the ward looks far from a standard NHS inpatient ward. As part of the Dementia Strategy all patients that are well enough are encouraged to maintain their daily activities and routines despite being in hospital. This means supporting people to wear their own clothes, get up and about, socialise and engage in meaningful activities during the day and to help maintain normal sleeping patterns at night.