Coastline Housing has officially opened its new homeless centre at Dudnance Lane in Pool in September 2019.

A new, purpose-built facility for Coastline’s Homeless Service is the culmination of ten years work identifying a new location to provide modern facilities and cost a total of £3 million to develop. The centre brings together several services on one site – overnight crisis accommodation, a community hub with space for partner organisations, IT suite, a doctors’ surgery, training space and office facilities for staff.

There are 18 self-contained rooms for people in need of crisis accommodation, offering a place to stay for those who are homeless. There will also be Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) provision – flexible provision of five chair/bed spaces, and 24/7 staff/concierge support. Two adjacent buildings provide shared living move-on accommodation for eight clients. This gives them the opportunity to move from crisis accommodation to more independent living while still receiving help from staff and making use of the day centre and its services.

The Coastline Homeless Service can now provide a more comprehensive range of services to many more clients, with joined-up support helping them move from the street to permanent housing.

The new centre replaces a day centre facility on Bassett Road in the centre of Camborne which has long proved to be an unsuitable building due to the layout of rooms, plus crisis accommodation in a nearby home within which all rooms were shared.

Randall Simmonds provided Employers Agent Services during the pre-contract and post contract stages. Work on the new building started in April 2018. It stands on disused land near the former South Crofty mine, changing a brownfield site into a new facility to benefit the community.