The newly refurbished exterior of the listed Hanger 16M, the Conservation-in-Action Hanger for Aerospace Bristol.

The Refurbishment of Hangar 16M has been funded by charitable donations including Biffa and the Heritage Lottery. Funding has been ongoing since the completion of the Museum and Concorde Hangar and continues with the aim of securing further funds to complete Phase 2 of 16M (complete internal fit-out). 16M will serve as an aviation workshop, allowing visitors to witness aviation enthusiasts at work, restoring parts of former aircraft back to their original condition. 16M was built at about the beginning of the First World War.  It is an Indian Army Shed designed as a prefab structure (wooden frame and corrugated sheet metal covering) in section sizes that could be transported by ship and rail for assembly on site. There were several of them in the vicinity of 16M but such photographs as we have of the airfield do not make it clear when all but 16M were demolished.

Randall Simmonds are proud to have provided Quantity Surveying services for Aerospace Bristol for this project.